The Announcement…

Nancy and I are changing our residence. For reasons of family, we are returning to live in the US, specifically Colorado. While this will take us out of the day-to-day operations in Guatemala it doesn’t take us out of the organization. We plan to be actively involved stateside serving with The Guatemalan Dream Center, which serves as a conduit to the continued work of theIDC. Click Here – to understand what that all includes.

While our last official Sunday will be March 18th and moving shortly thereafter, this transition will be for the next several months. This will be an interesting time for us. Prayers for God’s wisdom, courage and endurance are needed more than ever.

While we are on the subject of support needed, please know that we sold everything to get to Guatemala in 2006 and now we return with even less. Your continued financial support during these months of transition as our involvement continues is both needed and appreciated. Click Here – to Give.

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