Unseen Progress…

The work with the Guatemalan National Police Civil (PNC) has taken interesting turns these past months. With a grant from LifeAustin, Texas we were able to expand the leadership of our Celebrate Recovery Ministries and our involvement with the PNC chaplaincy. This has led to a continuation of the weekly values training in the Disetur, opportunities for target practicing with the PNC. And now we have a team teaching weekly english classes in the Police Academy in Zone 6 in Guatemala City.

Another fulfilling development is the extension of the chaplaincy now in its 3rd generation from the the chaplaincy that we were a part of establishing. A group of chaplains, one of whom attended our earlier work with the Disetur, celebrated the beginning of a chaplaincy work in the PNC Academy. We were privileged to be invited to the baptism of 49 alumna of the police academy.


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