The Quick Update…

We continue to be receiving teams, building homes, challenging people to grow in their faith, baptizing individuals, feeding children, establishing a new medical ministry in Sacatepéquez, and a hospital in Huehuetenango… generally doing what we can to make the world better positioning our larger team in the advancement of the gospel. As the work continues and grows, there have been various course adjustments that have included  ministry advances and personal setbacks. To be sure, these coming months hold great promise.

July 15th we celebrated an 11 year milestone since moving to Guatemala. For those of you that have been on this journey with us, you know this time has seen many ups and downs. Now with the benefit of time and hindsight we can see the results of unseen progress in each of our initiatives.

theIDC continues to advance under Pastor Giovanni’s leadership. Our work here has only to shift. Mike continues to be a part of the teaching team and has stepped into more of the administrative side of the work of the church. And this will see a change at the end of this calendar year. Most of his focus these days is tightening up details with Cosas Mejores, the foundation and developments with the Hospital Help the Children. Nancy continues to lead the charge in the kitchen with IDCmissions. Fully utilizing her spiritual gift of hospitality. We still debate for publishing her book of recipes.

Thank you for your interest and support for the work we are doing here in Guatemala. To find out more of the day to day activities you can connect with us on Facebook and Instagram; or give us a call using our low tech voice over IP phone #727 362 8519; or follow the links to more articles.

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